CATHI Academy
Advanced simulation technologies require optimal training techniques to achieve their full potential. This is where the CATHI Academy comes in: traditional face-to-face workshops have been regularly run for nearly 20 years, and over this period we have gained in-depth knowledge and understanding of exactly what end-users need to benefit most from their sessions. Building on this classical training format we are now expanding our Academy with virtual formats such as webinars, on-line education, tutorials and seminars.

Our courses employ the latest practical teaching methods combined with targeted training on the CATHIS® Simulator.

Our training programs appeal mainly to physicians, who want to update their existing skills. Highly sophisticated content involves complex and challenging endovascular procedures. Team training sessions are also run, and these will also involve nursing staff.

The location of training sessions will depend on the discipline involved, and may take place in the cath lab where appropriate.

Training is personally tailored towards the participant’s existing knowledge and focuses on intensive education for the selected learning content, under circumstances that may occur in the real world, when intervention in the cathlab may be necessary.

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