Our Philosophy
We believe that simulation training leads to improved technical skills, resulting in better management of stressful and challenging clinical situations. Furthermore, it has been shown that simulation significantly reduces the risk of medical errors, particularly in the highly complex interventional field.

The quality of simulation determines the success of the training and ultimately the success in daily operations. We therefore make no compromises with regards to quality, reliability, durability and performance of our simulation products and strive to be the number one choice.

Because all our products are completely manufactured in Germany, we are able to customize any of them to meet individual requirements.
We strive for highest fidelity in order to best reflect the highly complex and
challenging medical environment.

Our products are high-end German-engineered items that are completely
manufactured in house and undergo intensive testing before they leave our
It is our ambition to lead the way in endovascular simulation technology. We are continously improving our products in close collaboration with academia.

We aim to enable physicians to meet every interventional challenge in a safe and professional environment.
As a family-owned company we understand the needs of a trusted partner, and are determined to look after our customers in a highly personal manner throughout the duration of our relationship.

We stand for the quality and the durability of our products that meet the highest standards.

We have the experience and the technological knowhow to customize our products to meet any specific requirement from our clients.
We care
We see ourselves as a highly competent, customer-oriented solution provider contributing to patient safety with first class endovascular simulation.
As a privately held company we are purpose-driven and entirely aware of the responsibility we have towards our clients, our employees, society and environment. We consider efficient skills training as one of the relevant pillars to ensuring patient safety.

Coming from German high-end technology we are very much driven by providing reliable, durable systems which are designed to enable physicians to act more safely, experienced and efficiently. We manufacture our products in Germany and use 100% green electricity throughout research and development, as well as production.

Our offices are continuously going through resource optimization processes to operate more efficiently. We are using recycled materials where possible without compromising on quality and we check all the materials that we use for responsible sourcing.
Managing Director Technical Marketing & Expert Academy

“The quality of simulation determines the quality of the training. Therefore we constantly aim to achieve the highest simulation performance.”
Managing Director Innovation Management

“We have more than 20 years of experience in simulation technology. We can customize anything.”