Our hardware systems
Our CATHIS® simulators are synonymous with outstanding technical development and a highly realistic training environment.

They are the result of numerous collaborations with university hospitals and countless hours of training with end-users.

They are run through an intensive manufacturing and testing process without any compromise on quality, which guarantees stable and highly reliable systems.

Some of these extra features make our simulators unique:
Deployment of liquids
Training with the injection of a liquid such as a medication or contrast agent using medical devices such as aspiration catheters and indeflators facilitates a highly realistic training environment.
Superior graphic interface
Achieving outstanding images and the display of various projections simultaneously is one of our major objectives. High fidelity is synonymous with the display and experience of the simulation.
Excellent haptic
Force feedback and fast system response reflect reality on the highest level.
3D Projection
Physicians highly appreciate the simultaneous display of X-ray images and 3D projection, enabling a deep understanding of anatomies and disease patterns, leading to steep learning curves and an intensified training experience.
The right simulator for the right occasion
Our classical fullscope simulator enables the display of three instruments in parallel, whilst the smart solution combines fullscope features and portability in a unique way.
All of them are compatible with any kind of instrument or medical device.
Special features
The extended system components for our simulators allow further product benefits such as remote control of the simulation in real time or the option to create individual patient cases.

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Beyond Products
Our Additional Hardware Devices
In addition to our hardware platforms we have created devices that enable an advanced user experience providing features that enable high fidelity and even remote training.
The CATHIS® HUB is the central measurement unit and connected with all hardware components.
It is a system component and enables the measurement of liquids such as constrast media or medications as well as the use of aspiration catheters for mechanical thrombectomy (including measurement of liquids and evaluation).

It also enables the measurement of pressure from the inflation device and can be connected to the hand control of injection pumps.
CATHIS® Control Unit
The CATHIS® Control Unit is the highly realistic lab-like control unit that enables the management of the virtual angio machine and provides exactly the same functionalities as in a real cath lab or angio suite (movement of the table, C-arm, all types of shutters, DAS, roadmap and more).

It is a component of the simulation set and available in two versions.
Instructor Cockpit
Our innovative Instructor Cockpit impacts the simulation process to challenge the trainee during the ongoing intervention, encouraging even better training results.

It is available in two versions: