Our Software
The ideal simulation combines a high end simulator with flexible, multi-application software plus a superior graphic interface. Our software skills lie at the heart of our product performance: we can provide packages to cover any type of patient anatomy and any method of intervention.

Our simulation offers a high degree of user flexibility: rather than having to run through the entire procedure every time they want to reach a particular section, operators can jump directly to specific steps, which is ideal for educational purposes.

If required, a measuring function is available as part of the Assist Monitor. This facilitates the parallel display of the X-ray and 3D animation, which enables the force exerted by an instrument on the inner side of the vessel to be measured, visualised in 3D by intensity of colour. The measuring function can also be used to manage medication.

The CATHIS® software is especially suitable for multi-user applications. Casual users can be accommodated in an intuitively usable administration package. For each user the administrator can individually specify which instruments they are allowed to use and which patients they are permitted to process.

The evaluation of each specific user can be displayed and exported as Excel data. Users can also import images that they want to incorporate into the simulation, as well as exporting reference pictures.
DSA / Roadmapping
Consumption indicator
Medication management
Different endovascular procedures
Physiological model: ECG, blood pressure and satiety
Beginning of the intervention in any predefined state, for example, with a guide catheter already placed
Virtual C-arm
Multiple users
Variety of catheter types
Layout of the display corresponds to that of the cathlab‘s x-ray system
User-specific setting of the C-arm joystick (such as the direction in which it has to be moved in order that the C-arm goes to LAO)
Clear and structured controls
Custom branding
Blending / semi-transparent blending
Aspiration catheter
Individually programmable angular positions
Measuring of the stenoses
Realistic x-ray projections
3D view of the vessels
Contrast agent management
Dose management
Complex stenoses
Recording the data from the intervention and exporting in Excel file format
Targeted simplification of interventions to focus on specific aspects of training, such as fixation of the guide catheter
User-specific patient and instrument selection
Management of image and scene archives
Integration of personal cases
Complication scenarios
Import of custom pictures and scenes
Free shape of wire tips, which can also be stored
Learning Tool: Graphical Force Model
CATHI Simulation Features
Patient safety is a major issue and a prominent concern in the healthcare industry. The increase in the mortality rate from medical errors thus needs to be controlled. The advent of simulation in healthcare has significantly mitigated this rate. This explains the strong adoption of high fidelity simulation systems.

It is our belief that CATHI simulation systems master any simulation facet at a high level and thereby come as near to reality as a simulation system can get. This video is intended for vascular and cardiovascular interventionalists. You will see some major features and advantages of our endovascular simulation system.

One software covering all your clinical simulation needs.