Creating reality in endovascular simulation
Since its founding in 2003, CATHI has been dedicated to developing highly innovative, breakthrough endovascular simulation technologies covering all types of interventions in any medical field, however complex and challenging they may be.

CATHI is providing these technologies in many parts of the world and is collaborating with leading experts to pioneer innovative solutions.

We believe in the power of high fidelity simulation. Therefore we are putting all our effort and expertise into the creation of highly realistic training environments. We are certain that these are the way to empower physicians to improve their skills in a highly efficient and effective manner.

Our CATHIS® simulators are completely based on German engineering expertise, enabling training to the highest standard which results in obvious skills improvement and better management of stressful and challenging clinical situations.
“With the increasingly sophisticated levels of equipment being used in the cath lab, along with the more complex procedures routinely being carried out, it is vital that the entire team undergo regular simulator training, to ensure that they continue to operate at peak performance, both individually & collectively.”
Prof. Dr. Andreas Götte
Head of Cardiology and Intensive Care, St. Vincenz-Krankenhaus, Paderborn
“CATHI offers an excellent simulator for endovascular procedures. For instance, interventionalists can train carotid artery stenting & mechanical thrombectomy in a realistic, but safe environment.”
PD Dr. med. Fatih Seker
Radiologist, Department of Neuroradiology at Heidelberg University Hospital
I have been collaborating with CATHI for over 12 years now. The main field of our common work is developing & delivering an integrated team training for cardiology teams in catheter labs.

The main goal of this course format is to allow the cardiological team to routinely work on a simulated patient while also training processes, routines & skills necessary for dealing with any emergency that might arise. By using the CATHIS® simulator in combination with a simulation manikin this goal is easily & perfectly reached. During the whole development of the case the cardiologist is able to perform the coronary intervention, while the emergency team is taking care of the patient. Thus, everyone is able to experience full immersion & achieving an enhanced learning experience.

The portability, easy setup & breakdown of the CATHIS® simulator is allowing us to deliver this type of training in catheter labs across Europe, with only minimal influence on the normal routine of the trained departments.

We are happy that the CATHIS® simulator is enabling us to deliver high quality training & learning opportunities to the cardiological community.
Dr. Marc Lazarovici
Head of “Human Simulation Center”, Ludwigs-Maximilian University Hospital Munich President at SESAM Society for Simulation in Europe Human Factor Trainer
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