We see our products as the result of an ongoing ambition to set new standards in endovascular simulation technology, based on our extensive collaboration with academia and our German art of engineering, which leads to first-class product performance, reliability and stability.

Moreover, we recognize our role as partner for our customers, offering collaboration and providing more than just products.
We can entirely customize our hardware or software to meet specific clients requirements such as the individual setting of the angio machine or saving of individual projection levels (monoplane or biplane), table movements or preferred technical devices or instruments. Medication or contrast agent deployment can be pre-installed according to client needs and even new developments with individual patients can be set up.
Compatibility with any medtech device or any patient simulator
The efficacy of training is directly linked to highly realistic settings. This includes the use of high-end patient simulators and the ability to connect standard equipment such as the real C-arm. Our systems are connectable with any med tech device, following provision of technical data and suitable
Wide choice of application
Our simulation provides a broad spectrum of anatomies, instruments, devices and technical features in all medical fields from neuroradiology, radiology, cardiology, pneumology to angiology.
Collaboration with academia
We have benefitted from long-term collaboration with numerous university hospitals and specialists who have provided valuable feedback on the development of our products. Based on the resulting understanding of their specific needs, we have evolved our systems to provide exactly what physicians need to maintain safe and efficient operation.

We have installed our systems in hospitals and simulation centers, and constantly work with end-users in order to further develop our technology and applications.
We put a strong focus on innovation.

We are constantly further developing our products, creating innovations or system expansions that enable even more specific functionalities and ultimately more effective training results.
Medical technology – Simulate your success
CATHI has a system specifically designed for use by engineers in both medical technology and pharmaceutical companies as a tool for aiding product design. It does this by facilitating the visualisation and extrapolation of ideas, as well as providing ease of operation and a positive user experience.

Specifically, the system can encourage creativity in product design by helping to visualise the item. It can also assist in developing product properties such as efficacy, patient safety and ease of operation.

In addition, our systems can help the employees of such companies to understand the product and its effects. Specifically, simulation can enable sales teams to give high-definition demonstrations of complex products to their customers.
Patient safety
Simulation is one of the keys to reduce patient harm. It enables training in a safe environment, focussing on the relevant steps without being stressed by time pressure or any other medical challenge.

We are convinced that our CATHIS® high-end simulation, recreating individual medical conditions in a highly realistic manner, ultimately leads to enhanced patient safety.