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Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR)
The Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) technique is used to measure pressure differences across a coronary artery stenosis. This module assists in the understanding of the FFR measurement procedure, including assessing the challenging data and potentially even determining the need for stenting the patient.

FFR is a measurement that gives information about the physiologic significance of a given coronary stenosis and is used mainly as a decision tool for revascularization versus medical therapy. Using FFR for evaluating stenosis is more invasive and time-consuming than traditional coronary angiography due to the use of a pressure wire. Diagnostic performance of FFR requires intense and specific training.

The measurements of the pressure wire are displayed on an additional screen to the normal functioning of the angiosystem. The selection of instruments is diverse and encompasses both the transradial and transfemoral approaches. In addition to the pressure wire, different guiding catheters, coronary wires with different stiffness and texture, DES and BM stents and balloons are available.