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Cerebral / Intercranial Stenosis (ICS)
Endovascular treatment of intracranial stenoses is very challenging, especially for beginners. CATHI‘s angiography simulator offers realistic hands-on training for both stenting and angioplasty. CATHI provides numerous cases based on real patient data. Depending on their experience, trainees may choose cases with varying difficulties of anatomical access. They may also select from a range of wires, catheters and stents for treatment. Furthermore, they can practice treatment with both self-expandable and balloon-mounted stents. CATHI also offers a post-interventional analysis that will show beginners whether the stenosis has been fully covered by the stent.

CATHI training software offers hands-on training for stent placement in the cerebral vessels. Trainees can improve their skills in challenging scenarios by practicing in a realistic environment on difficult accesses and dealing with unforeseen complications, without the stress of facing a ‘real’ patient. The selection of instruments is diverse and includes guiding catheters, wires, stent catheters and balloon catheters. Diverse anatomies and atypical aortic branching can be trained in depth.