"Unser gesamtes Katheterlabor-Team absolvierte ein Katheterlabor-Notfalltraining mit CATHI Simulation. Als interventioneller Kardiologe war ich beeindruckt, wie realistisch es sich angefühlt hat, den Thrombus mit dem Koronardraht zu durchqueren, das Reperfusionsbild danach und die anschließende Stent-Implantation bei Low-Flow-Situation und Kammerflimmern."
Prof. Dr. med. Martin Orban
Oberarzt Interventionelle Kardiologie, Leiter der kardiologischen Intensivstation ITS3, Medizinische Klinik I, LMU Klinikum, Campus Großhadern
"When it comes to simulation training, CATHI are THE experts in right heart catheterization."
Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Stephan Rosenkranz
Cologne Cardiovascular Research Center (CCRC)
"In order for physicians to ensure optimal care for the patient and remain at the highest skill level, regular training with a reliable, sophisticated training tool is required. This equally well applies to experienced seniors as it does to novice juniors. We have run training sessions with CATHIS® simulators for some time and have benefited greatly from the highly realistic training experience and the evaluation and considerations of the outcomes."
PD Dr. med. Peter Steinbigler
Medical Director, Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology, Mindelheim, Allgäu Clinic
"CATHI has one of the best offerings in the field of endovascular simulation training, with quality equipment including realistic haptics and a high end graphic interface compatible with most kinds of device. The CATHI team have worked closely with us to customise their products so that they meet our specific needs."
Prof Stavros Konstantinides
Medical Director, Center for Thrombosis and Hemostasis, Mainz University Medical Center
"We have found that the highly realistic simulation training environment CATHI provides, enables our staff to effectively and efficiently improve their skills. We particularly appreciate CATHI's unique features such as a clear graphics interface, excellent haptics, the use of real liquids and instruments plus the incorporation of actual patient data."
Dr. Rui Placido
Cardiologist at Cardiology Department, Santa Maria University Hospital, Lisbon Academic Medical Centre, Lisbon, Portugal
"The CATHI simulator is an excellent tool for training purposes, improving the quality of clinical practice. I have personally used it for Right Heart Catheterization courses and the possibilities are amazing, even with real life cases. The most positive trainee feedback always comes from these courses. The CATHI team is always very supportive, available and friendly. It's a pleasure working with them."
Dr. Filipa Ferreira
Cardiologist of Hospital Garcia de Orta, Almada, Portugal
"CATHI is successfully and elegantly putting reality into simulation."
Dr. Abdullah Jibawi
MBBCh MS FRCS AVS MD, Consultant Vascular Surgeon St George's University Hospital
"I have been collaborating with CATHI for over 12 years now. The main field of our common work is developing & delivering an integrated team training for cardiology teams in catheter labs.

The main goal of this course format is to allow the cardiological team to routinely work on a simulated patient while also training processes, routines & skills necessary for dealing with any emergency that might arise. By using the CATHIS® simulator in combination with a simulation manikin this goal is easily & perfectly reached. During the whole development of the case the cardiologist is able to perform the coronary intervention, while the emergency team is taking care of the patient. Thus, everyone is able to experience full immersion & achieving an enhanced learning experience.

The portability, easy setup & breakdown of the CATHIS® simulator is allowing us to deliver this type of training in catheter labs across Europe, with only minimal influence on the normal routine of the trained departments.

We are happy that the CATHIS® simulator is enabling us to deliver high quality training & learning opportunities to the cardiological community."
Dr. Marc Lazarovici
Head of “Human Simulation Center”, Ludwigs-Maximilian University Hospital Munich President at SESAM Society for Simulation in Europe Human Factor Trainer
“With the increasingly sophisticated levels of equipment being used in the cath lab, along with the more complex procedures routinely being carried out, it is vital that the entire team undergo regular simulator training, to ensure that they continue to operate at peak performance, both individually & collectively.”
Prof. Dr. Andreas Götte
Head of Cardiology and Intensive Care, St. Vincenz-Krankenhaus, Paderborn
“CATHI offers an excellent simulator for endovascular procedures. For instance, interventionalists can train carotid artery stenting & mechanical thrombectomy in a realistic, but safe environment.”
PD Dr. med. Fatih Seker
Radiologist, Department of Neuroradiology at Heidelberg University Hospital