Coro3D FAQ

How can I purchase Coro3D?
Download the free demo version of Coro3D here and install it on your computer. If you start the demo version, you can buy the full version via the order button.

How can I install and order Coro3D?
Here is a detailed guide to installing and ordering Coro3D.

Can I order Coro3D without Internet connection?
Yes. Save your order in a file and send this file as an email attachment to us.

How much does Coro3D cost?
Coro3D is available in several versions. The prices can be found here.

Can I use my Coro3D license on other machines as well?
No, Coro3D is a single user license and is only valid for the computer on which you have carried out the ordering process in Coro3D.

What are the special features of the Coro3D license?
Please note that Coro3D is a single user license and only for your own use. If you want to use Coro3D on multiple workstations or in networks, please contact us.