The interactive learning program for cardiology

Coro3D is the innovative training program for cardiologists and assistants in a catheter lab. It covers the anatomy of the coronary vasculature, stenoses and virtual catheter lab.

Coro3D provides relevant knowledge, as no textbook can:

  • Three-dimensional representations are the basis of this training system.
  • Numerous user-oriented interactive exercises with feedback lead to learning success in a short time.

The training with Coro3D improves the spatial imagination and allows the user to create a faster picture of the true three-dimensional vessel system from two-dimensional X-ray projections . This learning experience can be immediately  implemented in the catheter lab.

Information about the ordering process and the installation can be found here. Information about the versions and prices of Coro3D can be found here.

Coro3D download.

Supported Platforms:

Based on a colored 3D model, the spatial understanding of the coronaries is trained. (Additional exercises)