The CATHIS® simulation software can be combined with our platforms as desired. In this way, you can choose a configuration that exactly meets your needs. Regardless of the area of ​​application, you will acquire a high-end simulation software package and expand it with patient anatomy. This facilitates the use of the simulator in various fields.

  • Interaction with the software is kept to a minimum.
  • The software is extensible in every discipline by patient anatomy.
  • The layout of the display largely corresponds to that of your X-ray system in the catheter laboratory.
  • As in reality, you can decide on the basis of the patient, which interventions you want to perform.

Basic functionalities of the CATHIS software

The following basic functionalities are presented in all configurations of the CATHIS® software. They are used in all interventions:

  • DSA / Roadmapping
  • Medication management
  • Physiological model: ECG and blood pressure and satiety
  • Virtual C-arm
  • Variety of catheter types
  • Consumption indicator
  • Different endovascular procedures
  • Beginning of the intervention in any predefined state, for example, with a guide catheter already placed
  • Multiple users

Important additions to training is, for example, the start of the intervention at various points, e.g. with an already placed guide catheter and a guide wire. The CATHIS® software is ideal for training specific aspects. For example, it is possible to start with an already inserted catheter in order to concentrate fully on the therapy. Also, one can start during the intervention, e.g. with predilated stenoses.

Extra functionalities of the CATHIS software

  • Layout of the display corresponds to that of your x-ray system of your catheter laboratory
  • Clear and structured controls
  • Blending / Semi-transparent blending
  • Individually programmable angular positions
  • Realistic x-ray projections
  • Contrast agent management
  • Complex stenoses
  • Targeted simplification of interventions to focus on specific aspects of training, such as fixation of the guide catheter
  • Management of image and scene archives
  • Integration of personal cases
  • User-specific setting of the C-arm joystick (in which direction you have to move the joystick so that the C-arm goes to LAO, for example)
  • Custom branding
  • Aspiration catheter
  • Measuring of the stenoses
  • 3D view of the vessels
  • Dose management
  • Recording the data from the intervention and export as Excel file format
  • User-specific patient and instrument selection
  • Complications
  • Complication scenarios
  • Import of custom pictures and scenes
  • Learning Tool: Graphical Force Model
  • Free shape of wire tips, which can also be stored

The wire tip is freely configurable, so you can use very individual wire tips. This can be defined in the settings of a particular instrument.

If required, a measuring function is available on the Assist Monitor. As an extra extension, it is possible to additionally show the original X-ray image (without overlay) parallel to the Roadmapping on the Assist Monitor.

You can set whether you want to set the “last image run” option on the Live Monitor. Medication management is also provided.

Multi-user applications

The CATHIS® software is especially suitable for multi-user applications. Arbitrary users can be created in an intuitively usable administration package. For each user the administrator can specify individually which instruments the user is allowed to use and which patients he is allowed to process.

The evaluation of each individual user can be displayed and exported as Excel data. For practice, you can also import images that you want to watch during the simulation. You can also export reference pictures.