CATHIS® F (Flexible)

Freely configurable platform with your desired components.

CATHI is the only manufacturer that offers the possibility to optimally adapt the hardware to the specific training requirements. To do this, you put together exactly the hardware that you need for your training. Here are some examples:

  • You are planning an emergency training?
    You need a working environment that is based on reality. The most important prerequisite for this is that a "patient" lies on the catheter table. Only then a coherent scenario will be created for emergency training. For this training, use the compact CATHIS® M simulator with monitors and connect it to a patient fullscale simulator.
  • You would like to carry out an in-house training?
    For this you need a compact portable version, which has all realistic functionalities. Combine CATHIS® M with the control unit and the foot pedal and simulate the intervention with the input devices as in reality.
  • Do you have special products that require individual connections?
    Upon request, we integrate your products in our hardware.

Get the best possible training success with the use of a CATHIS® simulator.

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