Module Smart

Module Smart is suitable for institutions that organize courses with ever-changing participants and do not want to make multi-user evaluations and in which there is no interest in dose management.

Important additions to training are, for example, the start of the intervention at various points, e.g. with an already placed guide catheter and a guide wire.

Module Smart is ideal for training specific aspects. For example, it is possible to start with an already inserted catheter in order to concentrate fully on the therapy. Also, one can start during the intervention, e.g. with predilated stenoses.

In addition to the basic functionalities, Module Smart offers a variety of features used in interventions:

  • Layout of the display corresponds to that of your x-ray system of your catheter laboratory
  • Clear and structured controls
  • Blending
  • Individually programmable angular positions
  • Realistic x-ray projections
  • Contrast agent management
  • Complex stenoses
  • Beginning of the intervention in any predefined state, for example, with a guide catheter already placed
  • Targeted simplification of interventions to focus on specific aspects of training, such as fixation of the guide catheter
  • Free tip shape (bend) of a¬†wire
  • Management of image and scene archives
  • Integration of personal cases
  • User-specific setting of the C-arm joystick (in which direction you have to move the joystick so that the C-arm goes to LAO, for example)
  • Custom branding
  • Aspiration catheter
  • Measuring of the stenoses

The wire tip is freely configurable, so you can use very individual wire tips. This can be defined in the settings of a particular instrument.