CATHIS Simulators

The CATHIS® Simulator was developed for physicians who want to perfect the catheter intervention completely risk-free using hands-on training. The simulator is used for education and training in clinics and training centers.

All tools that are relevant to the intervention are handled on the CATHIS® Simulator in the same way as in reality. This minimizes the difference between virtuality and reality. The CATHIS® Simulator has a modular structure and basically offers the same functionalities as the catheter laboratory. The simulator is operated via the control console and the foot switch, analogous to a real system.

The virtual vessels are based on real patient data. This also makes the CATHIS® patient extremely realistic. New, complex computational algorithms represent a very real behavior of the instruments in the CATHIS® patient, this is further supported by forces feedback.

CATHI GmbH places a high value on reality

During the development of the CATHIS® Simulator, great care was taken to ensure that the arrangement of the individual components corresponds exactly to the working environment as in the catheter laboratory. This guarantees that the process-related handling and operations are trained realistically and the difference to the real procedure is minimal.

From many years of practice and experience in research and implementation of simulation technology with the associated training concepts, CATHI GmbH has developed a novel trend-setting system in which the platform and modules can be freely combined. With the CATHIS® Simulator you receive a complete 'patient' at your disposal, to which any desired anatomy can be added.

What makes the simulation with the CATHIS® Simulator particularly realistic?

  • Arrangement of the controls. Continue reading
  • Position of Monitors and Display: Live Image and Assist Image. Continue reading
  • Extensive manipulation of the X-ray system, which reflects many functionalities of real operating elements. Continue reading
  • Use of fluids for contrast agent and drug injections. Continue reading
  • Training with the products and consumables used in your catheter lab and with which you are familiar.
  • Connection to a real X-ray system. Continue reading
  • Connection to a patient simulator. Continue reading

Training on the CATHIS® Simulator implements exactly the treatment strategies, as defined by a trainer.