Realistic ENDOVASCULAR simulation systems

CATHIS® Simulators are among the top of this product category internationally


Using our long experience in development and implementation of medical simulation technologies with the associated training concepts, we are producing novel trend-setting simulation systems.


CATHI Academy

Medical education and training is no longer conceivable without the use of advanced simulation technologies. CATHI Academy seminars and workshops meet this demand by utilizing innovative complements to traditional medical training.


Medical Technology

We provide a reliable and comprehensive simulation program for medical device manufacturers that can be used in all phases of research and development up to market introduction.



We are happy to accompany you from the planning through the conception to the execution of your projects


With Heart and Soul

Whether vaccinations, check-ups or glasses and hearing aids: The medicine and its technical aids influence our everyday lives. It is due to the progress in medical research that not only do we live longer but also better lives, and that previously deadly diseases have lost their dangerousness or could even be completely eradicated. With the emergence of modern medicine, however, was also accompanied by a new, scientifically-based image of man. The Great State Exhibition Baden-Württemberg “Herzblut – History and Future of Medical Technology”, which shows the Mannheim TECHNOSEUM from 5 November 2014 to 7 June 2015, tackles this topic: The show traces the development of medical technology from the 19th century to this day, starting with historical stethoscopes and an amputation set from the 1840s to modern hand prostheses and today’s imaging techniques, which open up a more and more detailed view into the body [… German]

Our services

As the manufacturer of CATHIS® Simulator we configure the virtual "patient" in full accordance with your requirements.

Rely on our deliberate concepts for skill, in-house or emergency training. Our wide range of services allows individual solutions for your training needs. Together with you we develop customized concepts for different specializations. Determine for yourself the focus and the degree of difficulty.

Rent our CATHIS® Simulator on flexible terms.

Innovation and quality

Our products are made in Germany and are distributed in Germany by CATHI GmbH