Team Training Emergency Management

The aim of our workshop "Team Training Emergency Management" is to optimize the ability to act correctly in emergency situations during intervention in a catheter lab.

The focus of the course is on team training in emergency situations. By improving the procedures, exceptional situations are better controlled and thus the safety of the intervention is increased for the patients.

In this course, physicians and assistants learn how to deal with complications and how to anticipate the consequences of their actions in a high level of stress.

Our concept is based on learning in the familiar environment, where students come from their own catheter lab.

The training takes place with the usual occupation and distribution of tasks under the moderation of an instructor experienced in team training.

An important aspect of the course is that the cardiac catheterization team develops solutions on its own - this process is moderated by our instructors. Our experience has shown that this approach has a very effective outcome on the future functioning of the catheter lab team.

Benefit from our long experience in the medical simulation of minimally invasive procedures. On request you can rely on our professional technical support.

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