Realistic environment

As with all other components of the CATHISĀ® Simulator, great attention was paid to designing the program interface so that the difference from virtual training to real surgery was minimal. Training in a familiar working environment optimizes the training effect.

  • The layout of the display significantly corresponds to that of your X-ray system in the catheter laboratory.
  • Clear and structured controls.
  • Monitor composition can be positioned at eye level.

Layout of the user interface:

  • Left: the Live Image and at the same height to the right: the Assist Image to compare.
  • On the left monitor (Live Monitor) the X-ray image and the parameters of the X-ray system are displayed.
  • The right monitor (Assist Monitor) has archive functions. Here, the already taken pictures can be viewed, assessed and the haemodynamic parameters are displayed.

Arrangement of the controls

On the CATHISĀ® Simulator all process-related handling and processes can be trained realistically. The arrangement of the individual components corresponds exactly to the working environment, which makes the difference to the real intervention minimal. Thus, as shown in the picture, the control unit of the angio machine is located exactly where it is in you own catheter lab.

As it is shown in the illustration of the control unit, almost all functionalities are available to you, as in reality. Continue reading